Draco was holding Harry so tightly it hurts. ♥

Here you can find many many pics about slash couples (which means male/male) with characters of the Harry Potter books and movies. So, have fun!

Feel free to submit slashy pictures you like :)

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Aww ;___; I haven’t got the time for this blog anymore… 

I’m in my last university year right now, in summer i will have my final thesis and there is so much to do for it :(

So I won’t be able to post as much pics as in the last months… it would be great if there woulde be one or two people, that could support this blog :)

Feel free to send an Ask in which you explain, why you want to join hpslash and share the slash love all over tumblr ;)

I would be really happy if I could get some assistance <3

[reblogging this would be nice also… ;)]

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